Friends of Roses: Legend of "Lilli Marlene"

Name of "Lilli Marlene" has an extraordinary history connected with XX C. since 1915, when teacher from Hamburg Hans Leip wrote his verses about a soldier on a guard and his two beloved girls during the First World War. When Norbert Schultze in Munich wrote music to this poem, then a song "Lili Marleen" was recorded by Lale Andersen for the first time in 1939, and Marlene Dietrich recorded her version of "Lili Marleen" in 1945. During the Second World War this song was very popular among soldiers and later on became as "Anthem of The Desert Warrior". Many singers all over the world have recorded their versions of "Lili Marleen" in many languages. Film director R.W.Fassbinder created his film "Lili Marleen" in 1980. And in 2005 there was constructed a sculpture to Lale Andersen and her song "Lili Marleen" by sculptress Eva Recker on Eastern Frysian island Langeoog. This famous song and verses inspired to introduce a new floribunda rose "Lilli Marlene" in 1959 by Reimer Kordes in Germany.

History & Biotechnology


Floribunda rose 'Lilli Marlene' was introduced in 1959 by Reimer Kordes, in Germany, and in 1978 she was brought to Kaunas...

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Friends of Roses & Legend


Project "Friends of Roses" was initiated by "Euromediena" in 2011 to present the unique in Europe "Lilli Marlene in vitro Lietuva"...

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