Collection & Prices

In 2011 the first collection of 'Lilli Marlene in vitro Lietuva" was created in collaboration with professional glasswork artists in Lithuania and abroad, as well in cooperation with young designers searching for the new decor solutions.

'Lilli Marlene in vitro' Solo and Labora

Collection "Solo" of hand-made multicolorful decorative glasswork vases with blossoming miniatiure rose inside. Glass colors from milk white and greenish blue to orange and black suggest different poetic mood. Collections "Labora" and "Crystal" with original sense of functional design dedicated to Biotech-Lab.

'Lilli Marlene in vitro' Garden 

Collection "Garden" is of hand-made crystal bowls with 3, 5 or 7 blossoming miniatiure roses inside. Such a "Garden" is like a symbol of our unique flowering planet in universe. An exclusive gift on special occasions.

Decor by Eva Baliul

Costume designer Eva Baliul created her vision of decor for hand-made glass vases "Solo" with 'Lilli Marlene in vitro'. Sophisticated decor with semi-precious stones and joyful play with multicolorful felt offer original synergy of glass, decor and rose. You need just to choose the proper occasion for such an extraordinary gift. 

History & Biotechnology


Floribunda rose 'Lilli Marlene' was introduced in 1959 by Reimer Kordes, in Germany, and in 1978 she was brought to Kaunas...

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Friends of Roses & Legend


Project "Friends of Roses" was initiated by "Euromediena" in 2011 to present the unique in Europe "Lilli Marlene in vitro Lietuva"...

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